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I am making a test program in C# to learn about WinForms. The principle is, I have a UserControl of 640x480, with a button. When the cursor approach the button, I move it away.

I also detect when the button is dangerously near the limits of the UserControl, and make the button "jump" on the other side of the cursor, but is there a way to make it in a clean way (the button move escaping the cursor, without going out of the winform, and toward the center ?)

Current handling of UserControl's MouseMove event:

nX, nY, lastX, lastY are private int declared in the class.

private void UserControl1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            e.X < (this.button1.Location.X + this.button1.Size.Height  + 20) &&
            e.Y < (this.button1.Location.Y + this.button1.Size.Width + 20) && 
            e.X >= (this.button1.Location.X - 20) && 
            e.Y >= (this.button1.Location.Y - 20)
            nX = this.button1.Location.X + (e.X - lastX);
            nY = this.button1.Location.Y + (e.Y - lastY);
            if (nX < 20)
                nX = nX + 80;
            if (nY < 20)
                nY = nY + 80;
            if (nX > this.Size.Width - this.button1.Size.Width - 20)
                nX = nX - 80;
            if (nY > this.Size.Height - this.button1.Size.Height - 20)
                nY = nY - 80;
            this.button1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(nX, nY);
        lastX = e.X;
        lastY = e.Y;
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You should include a check in ifs, so that you decide where the button is going to move relative to the center of the area. Something like IF cursor is near the button AND cursor is between button and center AND button is near the edge THEN jump over towards the center(Presenting the spirit of the algorithm, since code is irrelevant when discussing algorithms).

EDIT: It seems I missed the point of the question, sorry. Adding some randomness to the decision on the direction you move the button should do what you want in a convincing way, by moving up, down or diagonal with a preference towards the center, if possible. The logic is simple but the implementation needs a little typing. Note that the button can always be "cornered", so jumping is unavoidable.

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