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Step 1 :-

I am filling the database with json data that comes from server.I am getting around 100 objects and i am filling them one by one using Sqlite Async method.

await conn.InsertAsync(tableObj);

this whole process is running in async task method.

public static async Task<string> FillSampleDataAsync(string teacherid)
    string result = string.Empty;

    string url = StaticVariablesClass.Baseurl + "/institute/teachers/" + teacherid + "/students/?field=grade";

    var statusjsondata = await GetJsonDataFromServerAsync(url, StaticVariablesClass.StaticUserObject.token);

    if (statusjsondata != "Exception")
        await CreatTable.CreateTeacherStudentGradeTable();
        var resultteacherstudents = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<TeacherStudentsGradesParser>(statusjsondata);
        for (int i = 0; i < resultteacherstudents.count; i++)
            TeacherStudents objstudentwithgrades = new TeacherStudents();
            objstudentwithgrades.Teacherid = int.Parse(teacherid);
            objstudentwithgrades.Email = resultteacherstudents.results[i].user.email;                                   

            await App.conn.InsertAsync(objstudentwithgrades);
        result = "Exception";

    return result;

there are 4 to 5 async Tasks are running and all of them filling the database. But in the meantime suppose my device running low with battery and it got shutdown and most common case i forcefully closed the application. then in that case What should i do. My database will got corrupted that will become a big problem.

will all of the task running after i closed the application forcefully. so please guide me what should i do.

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