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I am creating and storing a Html file in sd card.The html file has custom font(which is also stored in sd card) so when I open the html file from webview I m getting the html content custom font.

But when I extract/move/copy the Html file from sd card to desktop and open it then the custom font is not working for the html content.

For this Do I need to create any SYMBOLIC LINK for the Html file ?

I want html file to be opened with custom font eventhough I open it from desktop.

How can I achieve this?

Any help is always appreciated,


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Symlink in not supported by FAT32, so its not possible, first you need to format your SD Card in EXT3 File System then you can do this by Shell Command

ln -s /your_file_location/index.html /sdcard/index.html

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks, Myfile location is in sdcard. So I have given this ln -s /sdcard/test3.html /sdcard/test4.html and its showing link failed and operation not permitted. –  Raghu Feb 4 at 12:50
as I said before you need to format your SDCARD in EXT3 format, then you need a Rooted Android Phone. –  Amit Feb 4 at 13:00
What If I use emulator sd card? –  Raghu Feb 4 at 13:08
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