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i have a simple grid with data from mysql db.

When delete a record actually refresh the page.

When i am at last page and start delete records after delete all records when refresh i get no data because i dont have any records on that page.

So some how i must find a way when i am on last page and all record deleted refresh to previous page.

Any ideas


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in your code where you get the current page, compare it to the max pages

$currentPage = (int) $_GET['page'];
$currentPage = ($currentPage <= $maxPages) ? $currentPage : $maxPages;
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if($currentPage > $numOfPages) { header("Location: ?p=$numOfPages"); } That did the trick.Thanks –  ntan Jan 28 '10 at 15:11

Do a simple count on the rows to be displayed.

if ($row_count == 0)
    ... redirect to previous page

make sure you allow for there actually being no records to be displayed on the first page.

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