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I develop a jQuery plugin which produces HTML output, currently something like


But actually, I would like to let the user of my plugin chose the HTML markup which gets generated, so for instance he passes a template string from which my plugin produces the output. But I don't know how.

Are there any best practices / "patterns" on how to achieve such a functionality?

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The easiest way is to allow for an optional rendering function param and pass it the element(s). This way you have maximum control with minimal effort. Example:

$('#id').my_action(param1, function (e1, e2) {
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Yeah, that is a great idea... Anyway I'll leave the question open for a bit, maybe there are some more ideas... – Mark Hamilton Jan 28 '10 at 15:39

Take a look at the Fluid Renderer. I believe they're doing something very similar to what you describe.

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