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I am building an application with Angular js.

I am retrieving a JSON and display in a HTML form.


<select class="select optional" ng-model="to"
    <option value="USD">USD</option>
    <option value="Euro">Euro</option>
    <option value="Rupees">Rupees</option>


myApp.controller('eligibilityController', function($scope,sharedProperties) {
    $scope.eligibiltyRules = sharedProperties.getProductEligibilityData();
    console.log($scope.eligibiltyRules); //contains the JSON to be displayed in the form
    console.log($scope.eligibiltyRules.condition.itineraryZone.to); //contains data to be displayed in selectbox

I am able to display the respective JSON values in other form elements. But not able to populate the data to be displayed in select box.

Please Advice

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You want ng-options. The syntax is a little complicated, but it will do what you want. –  Geoff Genz Feb 4 at 13:24
I did it.But it displays each letter in my JSON value as its options –  User2404 Feb 4 at 13:54
You need to investigate the exact syntax. You probably want something like ng-options="data.value for data in dataList" –  Geoff Genz Feb 4 at 16:05
Just a side note: never assign ng-model to a property directly on scope. There should always be a '.' in there, like ng-model="data.selected". See: youtube.com/watch?v=ZhfUv0spHCY&feature=youtu.be&t=30m –  SveinT Feb 4 at 19:37

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