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How can I elevate my program on demand? (For example when clicking a button). I don't like to set the privileges in the manifests file, I am talking about elevating my VB.Net program at runtime. Does anyone know how to do this? I appreciate every helpful answer :)

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You can't elevate your program on demand as such. Your options are:

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Okay, using the RunAs-Method to elevate it. (This requires a restart tho)

    Private Sub RestartElevated()
  Dim startInfo As New ProcessStartInfo()
  startInfo.UseShellExecute = True
  startInfo.WorkingDirectory = Environment.CurrentDirectory
  startInfo.FileName = Application.ExecutablePath
  startInfo.Verb = "runas"
    Dim p As Process = Process.Start(startInfo)
  Catch ex As System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception
  End Try

    End Sub
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