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I'm using Code Contracts in my C# application, together with unit tests. When I ask for the code coverage results of the unit tests, lines containing code contracts are reported as "not covered".

Lets take for example a method that has 2 parameters:

void MyMethod(object param1, object param2) {
    Contract.Requires<ArgumentNullException>(param1 != null);
    Contract.Requires<ArgumentNullException>(param2 != null);

    // Other stuff covered explicitly by unit tests

Since the contracts fail if the conditions aren't met, shouldn't the code coverage tool report that the two parameters are covered?

For my understanding, code covered by contracts doesn't need to be unit tested again. Is this correct?

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Have a look here stackoverflow.com/questions/1383535/… –  Alex Feb 4 at 14:44
Thanks for the link! I think this means I'll have to test exception throwing via unit tests, for example check if MyMethod(null, null) actually throws ArgumentNullException. This would be less than ideal though, since Contracts have guaranteed functionality. Can someone confirm this is the case? –  drl Feb 4 at 17:14

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