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I think it can be done by generating strings using brute force and then try to match them to the supplied regex and printing if match.

But is there a better way to do this?

Regex are used to test if a string matches a pattern. I am aware of that. I thought it would be interesting to do it the way around.

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Higher Order Perl has a section discussing this problem. It's worth reading for other reasons, too. –  Dave Newton Feb 4 at 14:40
What's the problem you're trying to solve, what's the question? –  David Thomas Feb 4 at 14:40
There's no built-in way to generate matching strings from a regular expression in JavaScript. You'd have to write code to do it, and there are definitely better ways to do it than to generate random strings and see whether they match. It's a non-trivial problem however. –  Pointy Feb 4 at 14:41
I wish to generate strings that match a regex. –  rahulroy9202 Feb 4 at 14:41
Can you provide an example? Do you want a method that, given a RegExp, will return x random Strings that match the pattern? –  blurd Feb 4 at 14:46

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If you're using JavaScript, there's Randexp which generates random strings that match a given regex.

Releases for browser

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