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First of all, hi to everyone!

I wan't to ask everypeople if they know modx cms framework, if yes, what do you think about it? If you know it and don't like it, what cms do you advice to use?

Thanks in advance, José Moreira

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If you're starting with CMSes and need basics quickly, modx is awesome. If you have experience with CMSes, you will really appreciate modx. I do most of the stuff in modx. I've tried other solutions before and since, but always go back :) to modx.

Modx has imple structure that works (templates, tvs, chunks and snippets) It lets you do a lot of php stuff without hacking the core. A new architecture for a new internet. Modx could afford to start from scratch, where older, more popular CMS solutions suffer from a bit of bloat - new modules and plugins are sometimes done in a questionable way, but due to popularity continue to be built on and can cause unintended consequences. (generally speaking) Easy site creation, if you're not doing anything custom in terms of functionality, you can have a working site up in an hour with the install (if you have your html/css prepared)

here's the downside, although it has a decent community, it can get hard sometimes to get help on a unique issue, and a lot of the extras can get outdated easily as there are not as many active developers involved as with drupal.

I also had a look at CMS made simple, and although I was astounded how simple it was, creating a new module or plugin was a daunting task, whereas modx is largely built to be custom.

With modx Revo coming out pretty soon in an RC, I see a lot of improvements on the way. For example, OOP code.

I haven't seen a lot of negative stuff about modx, and this is about the worst I've seen http://www.devtrench.com/things-that-suck-about-modx-cms/ and though I don't agree with everything said there, there are some good points raised there, and if you can live with those for now, you've got a great CMS. I mostly agree with the ditto/blogging sentiment. The tools are there to set up a blog, but it's no wordpress.

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Very nice summary of potential issues in the system in that link you posted - cant say i agree with all of them but as you say they are definitely valid concerns to be aware of. That said i think that his point about "ModX+" in most ways is much preferable to the "Module Hell" of Drupal. –  prodigitalson Jan 28 '10 at 19:04
I like the intro "Flat out, I think MODx is the best CMS for my projects at this point in time. Now on with things that suck…" No magic bullet, but a solid CMS –  Daniel Jan 28 '10 at 22:57
very good answer, i'm trying this CMS/Framework (yes, a little bit, just because you can create your own modules), and i'm loving it! I think it is, like you said, a solid CMS, that, depending the webmaster, can do really really wonderful things! Thanks Daniel ;) PS: Are you a web developer/designer? I'm interested to trade some knowledge with you :) –  CuSS Jan 29 '10 at 15:29

I used it a couple years ago and it was nice to work with. Much better than Drupal from a developer standpoint IMO. Alot easier to theme and incorporate custom functionality. For a long time, for me, ModX and Drupal were the only viable options to use as a CMS on a project unless it was something 100% custom - and 90% of the time ModX won that argument.

However if i have completely free choice these days i use Apostrophe as i generally develop in Symfony anyhow.

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is Apostrophe completly customable? thanks for the anwser –  CuSS Jan 28 '10 at 15:46
can you incorporate your own layout? the page of Apostrophe doesn't have much info, but the video is pretty awsome! –  CuSS Jan 28 '10 at 15:52
Yep. Although depending on what you need to do it could be intensive but that goes for any prebuilt system. How that customiztion is acheived is a lot more elegent and understandable in my mind though than Drupal or even ModX. But keep in mind ive ben developing with the Symfony Framework (which Apostrophe is built on) for about 3+ years so YMMV. Although i would say there is going to be a learning curve for any system and by using something like Apostrophe, Radiant (RoR), or ExpressionEngine (CodeIgniter) you get the benefit of learning a general purpose framework as well as the CMS itself. –  prodigitalson Jan 28 '10 at 15:55
Yes you can incorportate you own layout - itd be a pretty horrible CMS if you couldnt :-) –  prodigitalson Jan 28 '10 at 15:56

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