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We are looking at implementing GA onto our site (we currently use WebTrends). On the website are lots of records that are placed within multiple subtopics - think of a news story that is tagged with Europe, Politics and Business.

We have 6 topics with about 70 subtopics spread across them.

What's the best way to track visits to these subtopics. So, for the example above we would need to count a view to that news story as a visit to Europe, a visit to Politics and a visit to Business.

Would we need a different event for each subtopic, that is then fired if the news story is in that subtopic, or can/should we do this with custom dimensions?

In webtrends we just have one tag that reports all subtopics separated by a semi-colon.

We are using Google Tag Manager, if that makes any difference.


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It looks like your are looking for content grouping in Google Analytics. It does what the name says, it groups content pages into categories that you can view separately in your reports.

You can either assign a page to a content grouping via a piece of tracking code, or via the analytics interface (for example based on a pattern in the urls or page titles, or completly manually by entering urls).

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Oooo, how did i miss that. You can also set up Content groups through Google Tag Manager. I'll look into that, at first this sounds perfect. Thanks –  chris_huh Feb 4 at 16:40
I guess you missed that because it's pretty new (it hasn't even been rolled out to all accounts I'm administrating). But it's really incredibly useful IMO. –  Eike Pierstorff Feb 4 at 16:47
I just looked into it and i don't think it's able to track multiple groups per page - just the one. So this would be good for a few other things that i'm currently tracking with custom dimensions (eg content types) but not for categories. It looks like, unless i'm missing something, Events are the answer. –  chris_huh Feb 5 at 17:10

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