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HTML5 appcache is not working in chrome as expected?

For example http://html5demos.com/offlineapp when you load the above URL is will save locally,but when you refresh the page again it will not render properly.

MANIFEST file: http://html5demos.com/html5demo.appcache will cache the following files :-

  1. images/shade.jpg
  2. images/bin.jpg
  3. /js/h5utils-offline.js
  4. /css/html5demos.css

expect these files every other resources are not rendering when we refresh the page.

expected behavior: All other resources(which are not in MANIFEST file) should load properly when user comes online.

but in Firefox this is working almost fine.

Why chrome is not working as expected ? It will be great if there is some perfectly working demo.

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html5 appcache is at risk and may be removed:

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thanks, that is useful. –  Saurabh Feb 5 at 4:18

Non-cached resources will not load on a cached page. See Gotcha #5 from this article:


Using the network wildcard:


...would fix this.

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