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I use custom adapter to fill ExpandableListView.

public class MyAdapter extends BaseExpandableListAdapter {
    public View getGroupView(...) {
        HorizontalScrollView layoutGroup;
        if (convertView == null) {
            layoutGroup = new HorizontalScrollView(mContext);
            TextView tv = new TextView(mContext);
        } else layoutGroup = (HorizontalScrollView) convertView;
        ((TextView) layoutGroup.getChildAt(0)).setText(...);
        return layoutGroup;

It seems pretty simple. But unfortunately does not work expand/collapse group. Probably HorizontalScrollView intercepts all touch screen. Please tell me what methods (and how) need to override on HorizontalScrollView or ExpandableListView to work expand/collapse group.


ExpandableListView:     onInterceptTouchEvent:  ACTION_DOWN     result = false
HorizontalScrollView:   onInterceptTouchEvent:  ACTION_DOWN     result = false
TextView:               onTouchEvent:           ACTION_DOWN     result = false
HorizontalScrollView:   onTouchEvent:           ACTION_DOWN     result = true
ExpandableListView: onInterceptTouchEvent: ACTION_UP result = false HorizontalScrollView: onTouchEvent: ACTION_UP result = true
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