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I'd like to use AMQP to join two services one written in C# and other written in python. I'm expecting quite large volume of messages per second.

  • Is there any AMQP Broker that is production ready?
  • Are the python & .net bindings good enough?
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It depends on what do you mean by production ready ? and what kind of work you are doing. Definitely none of the open source broker can be used for financial domain where losing one message means losing millions. – harry Mar 1 '11 at 10:23

Yes: RabbitMQ

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It seams that reddit said that rabbitMQ isn't ready as of may 2010.

On the other hand the article is about rabbitMQ < 2.0 which was crashing because of out of memory problems. According to release notes the version 2.0 and above has this bug fixed.

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I would recommend It is built on RabbitMQ core and has more extensions, e.g. messaging dashboard, realtime analytics, data-driven alerts, big data storage...

If you like high throughput, the record of is 170 billion messages per day.

I'm not quite sure what you meant by Python & .NET binding. If you want cross-platform communication. is your right choice. Not only cross-language, but also cross-prototol, among AMQP, MQTT and STOMP.

Check out elaborate docs ( and sdk ( of

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