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I'm using plain capistrano to deploy a simple cluster written in node.

I defined roles as follows:

role :boss, "bosshost"
role :worker, { get_worker_hosts }

I'm using the capistrano's default deploy dance + own tasks to put worker app on the servers.

The problem is I don't want any of that for the boss since it's only a single script. Ideally this would do:

namespace :boss
  task :update, :roles => [:boss]
    upload 'boss.js', "#{boss_home}/boss.js"
  task :restart, :roles => [:boss]
    run "forever restart #{boss_home}/boss.js"

I used :roles => [:worker] in all worker related tasks that happen after deploy:finalize_update. However, running $ cap deploy will still put uneccessary stuff on the boss server.

How do I tell capistrano that deploy task and following default tasks should be ran only for servers with worker role?

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