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i'm using this solution An ASP.NET MVC validator to make sure at least one checkbox is checked to have at least one checkbox checked on my form. But i can't figure out how to display the error message, in unobstrusive.

I suppose i should use a ValidationMessageFor with a custom script for the client side.

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One of the thing i don't understand, is how i'm supposed to show the validation message. Usualy i use a ValidationMessageFor with the name of the propertie. But this time, my validator is not bound to a property, but independant and verifying several properties –  user2307720 Feb 4 at 17:05
If you look at the first part of the guide I linked to, you'll see that the property that needs to be validated is given the custom attribute [GreaterThan]. In the 2nd part you can see how the attribute implements IClientValidatable for use unobtrusively, then there is script to add to jQuery.validator so jquery knows what message to show. –  markpsmith Feb 4 at 17:16
You can use @html.ValidationMessage("ErrorMessage"). When your page is rendered, it will display whatever message that is stored in the variable "ErrorMEssage" –  Josiane Ferice Feb 4 at 17:54
Thanks, i'll try this –  user2307720 Feb 5 at 8:46
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