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I am trying to join two lists in R, but I really don't know how to do it. I need a way to join the to lists by adding only the elements that have a different name from the ones to the first list, say:


And one gets that list3 is list('a'=1,'b'=10,'c'=100,'d'=4,'e'=98)

Do you know any way to do it? Thank you!

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This gives the same result as your example:

modifyList(list1, list2)
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+1. Never seen this function before! –  Ananda Mahto Feb 4 at 17:17
Thank you!!! What I was trying to do is to write a function with a really long set of attributes that I didn't wanted to be in the function definition, by this way I will be able to use the ellipsis to change only those attributes I want to change. Thanks! –  Francisco Martínez Feb 4 at 18:16

setdiff will show you which list items are in "list1" but not in "list2":

> setdiff(names(list1), names(list2))
[1] "a" "d"

You can use [ in the usual way to extract the relevant information from "list1":

list1[setdiff(names(list1), names(list2))]

And then you can use c to put it all back together:

c(list1[setdiff(names(list1), names(list2))], list2)
# $a
# [1] 1
# $d
# [1] 4
# $b
# [1] 10
# $c
# [1] 100
# $e
# [1] 98
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