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I want to make the VLOOKUP function dynamic by writing some VBA code to return the column number of the column the user is looking for and then doing a VLOOKUP on that column. This way, it doesn't matter where the user moves the column (just so long as the column header stays on row 1) as the application will automatically seek out the column number.

Writing a function to find a column on any given sheet was easy enough (only takes about 7 lines - open a question if you want it!) but the problem I have is once I have the column number and the row number (which is 2), I don't know how to put it into VLOOKUP.

Normally Vlookup on VBA would be using Range references. So a lookup on column M would be something like:

Application.VLookup(Datasheet.Cells(x, y), StaticSheet.Range("A:A"), 1, False)

But how do I get it to work for cell numbers? I tried


in place of "StaticSheet.Range(A:A)" but it doesn't work.

The easiest solution I can think of is to find the sheet's usedrange to get the last row, but is there an easier way?

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@simoco I get a "Method 'Range' of Object '_worksheet' failed" error –  Evil Washing Machine Feb 4 at 17:32

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cells() returns a range object. The way you are using it here you want it to return an address.


Simply add .address and put your : in ""...

Range(Cells(2,dataColumn).address & ":" & Cells(2,dataColumn).address)
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worked perfectly, thanks! –  Evil Washing Machine Feb 4 at 17:32
noticed an error: I meant to search the whole dataColumn, not just 2,(whatever column) –  Evil Washing Machine Feb 6 at 17:22
Why not just use range(rows(datacolumn).address) ? –  Bigtree Feb 6 at 20:26

As dataColumn will always be the same when called on the same line twice you could modify your code as such




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I get a "Method 'Range' of Object '_worksheet' failed" error –  Evil Washing Machine Feb 4 at 17:29
@SchwitJanwityanujit Can't explain why Added a picture to my answer to show this method works. –  user2140261 Feb 4 at 17:53
@user2140261, I think the problem is because you didn't specify sheet for cells. This should work: StaticSheet.Range(StaticSheet.Cells(2,dataColumn),StaticSheet.Cells(2,dataColum‌​n)) –  simoco Feb 4 at 17:57
@simoco I think you are right I wasn't even looking at that part of it, but I think the updated answer is even more simplfied –  user2140261 Feb 4 at 18:03
+1 absolutely:) –  simoco Feb 4 at 18:05

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