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Hi I'm making an app using GTKMM. The screenshot is below:


The Problem is, I'm not able to position the "My Label" to align at the top, just below the Search box.

I'm packing Name,Search box, Search Button into a HBox, which is packed into a VBox, and then MyLabel is packed into the VBox.

I think the problem is that the VBox is assigning equal heights to the two rows, So even though I align MYLabel to the top, but it's top is the middle of the screen 'cuz VBox distributed the heights between the two rows equally.

Is there a way to set the Heights of the VBox rows?? or any other way out?

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Set the "expand" and "fill" properties of the label to false.

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Thank you so much, it worked. For anyone facing similar problem, I solved the problem using the advice below, set the expand and fill property to false in my call to VBox pack_start(Widget& child,false,false) function. – ace Jan 28 '10 at 16:23

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