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Prior understanding

According to The ArraySlice structure as reported by standardml.org (I don't have an SML 97 manual to check, only an SML 90 PDF manual), ArraySlice.copyVec gets an Array.array parameter as the destination, and not an ArraySlice.slice as one (or at least me) would intuitively expects. Of course, one can use ArraySlice.base to get an array and an index for respectively the dst and di parameters to copyVec. Surprisingly, copyVec from ArraySlice, does not even have a single parameter of type ArraySlice.slice. Fortunately, its src parameter is of type VectorSlice.slice, as intuitively expected.

The question

What's the rationale for ArraySlice.copyVec? Why doesn't it get an ArraySlice.slice as dst?

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Presumably, because that would require the additional constraint that both slices have the same length (or at least dst is larger than src). The current API gets by without such an extra side condition. Also, it would probably be somewhat more cumbersome to use.

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