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Clicking on the second cell (any row) in the datatable causes the cell editor to display. But, I am trying to display the cell editor from code. The code looks like the following:

    var firstEl = oDataTable.getFirstTdEl(rowIndex);
    var secondCell = oDataTable.getNextTdEl(firstEl);

When I debug into the datatable.js code (either with a click or from the code above) it follows the same path through the showCellEditor function but the above code will not display the editor.

I am using YUI version 2.8.0r4.

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I think this is blur events issue.

So, for example, I have link that must add record to datatable, and show its editor.

var mymethod = function (e) {
  var r = {};
  r.id = 0;
  r.value = 'hello world';

  var cell = myDataTable.getLastTrEl().cells[0];

YAHOO.util.Event.addListener('mylink2addrecord_ID', 'click', mymethod);

Without stopEvent you will never see editor, because there is tableBlur event called when you click on yourlink....

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You can try this - this is ONLY a snippet from a larger piece of an event handler set of code I have. EditNext is the function that moves over a cell and displays the editor, if the cell has one:

   this.myDataTable.subscribe("editorKeydownEvent",function(oArgs) {
            var self = this,
                ed = this._oCellEditor,  // Should be: oArgs.editor, see: http://yuilibrary.com/projects/yui2/ticket/2513909
                ev = oArgs.event,
                KEY = YAHOO.util.KeyListener.KEY,
                Textbox = YAHOO.widget.TextboxCellEditor,
                Textarea = YAHOO.widget.TextareaCellEditor,
                DCE = YAHOO.widget.DateCellEditor,
                cell = ed.getTdEl(),
                col = ed.getColumn(),

                editNext = function(cell) {
                    cell = self.getNextTdEl(cell);
                    while (cell && !self.getColumn(cell).editor) {

                        cell = self.getNextTdEl(cell);
                    if (cell) {
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As mac said, you need to stop the previous event. For some reason it (the tableBlur event) conflicts with the showCellEditor function. This is the first place which had a resolution to the problem.

To sum it up, all I did was:

dt.showCellEditor(td); // dt = yui datatable obj, td = {record: yuirecord, column: yuicolumn}

Of course if you have the event object readily available as mac's post does, you can pass it to stopEvent(e) like he did.

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