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My dev team and I are looking to do a game in Android, instead of iPhone for our next sprint iteration. We've been tweaking with GeekGameBoard (which we love), and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a similar game library for Java / Android-esque.

  • We're not looking for OpenGL
  • We're looking for Board Game / Card Game (engine or code framework)
  • Also, open-source preferable.

Any advice?

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Mages is the only one I could find that isn't focused on OpenGL. If you are planning a multiplayer game, its worth checking out.

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Thanks! This looks... amazing. I didn't realize it but, yes it'd be great to push for multiplayer, client-server relationships. I also found this: 13thmonkey.org/~boris/jgame But I think Mages is incredibly helpful. Thank you! –  Dominic Tancredi Jan 29 '10 at 15:07
Seems mages is dead because android was a moving target. –  Fuhrmanator Sep 13 '14 at 22:33

I know of two libraries for card games :

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