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I have a submenu placed in my layout wich differs from controller to controller, but not between each controllers method views. What I am currently doing is the following:

<% content_for( :submenu ) do %>
    <%= render :partial => 'submenus/correct_submenu' %>
<% end %>

In every view for a method

My applications layout then has this in it

<%= yield :submenu %>

However, this feels kind of repetitive, doing it for each view. Is there some way to do this per controller?

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My suggest is to have a convention for this, so if you have a ProductsController then the submenu would be submenus/products_menu. This way you can write a helper that looks like:

def render_submenu
  content_for(:submenu) { render :partial => "submenus/#{controller.controller_name}_menu" }

You can then call this by doing:

<%= render_submenu %>

You could then make this the default content_for the submenus and only specify the content if it needs to be different.

I hope this helps!

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