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I'm a bit lost as to how I would take a pgm file stored into a vector and flip the order of the cells so as to make the final image a negative flip. I don't want the answer handed to me, I would just like some tips in the right direction! Thanks!

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What do you mean by "negative flip" - Do you mean horizontal? vertical? or inverting the values? –  DiJuMx Feb 4 at 19:00
Binary or text pgm format? If you're parsing text, just loop backwards through the bitmap array (you will still be reading forwards through the file). –  Ben Voigt Feb 4 at 19:24
Text format. And I mean by taking the lightest values and making them the darkest and vice versa. Like a negative film. –  user3250013 Feb 4 at 19:24
@user3250013 In that case, since your pixel values are likely in the range 0-255, wouldn't simply making your output pixel be 255-input be what you're looking for? –  twalberg Feb 4 at 22:14

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