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I'm a fairly recent convert to Xcode and OS X. Even though I have two large monitors it feels likes I spend far to much time hunting for windows.

I typically have at least the following windows open:

  • The file I'm editing.
  • A matching header file.
  • Another source file.
  • API Documentation.
  • A browser window.

It seems like whatever I want next is always underneath something else. There are lots of ways to switch windows (e.g., Exposé, Spaces, OS X hotkeys, Xcode hotkeys), but that's part of the problem. There are so many different approaches, I can't blindly use one; I have to think about which is the right one for each situation.

How do you organize your Xcode windows so you aren't switching all the time?

Or, how do you effectively switch between windows?

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I prefer all-in-one layout (Xcode's preferences->General). If I need to look at several files simultaneously, I split the editor view (the little button above the vertical scroller). I also constantly use Cmd-Option-UpArrow to switch between .h and .m files. The only other window I have is the documentation browser.

I have a dedicated Space for Xcode so that I can switch between Xcode and Safari with a shortcut.

Xcode is unbelievably customizable, though many options are well hidden.

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I keep the main XCode window open and the documentation open slightly askew from each other horizontally so i can click one while the other is on top. I use the button (right next to the lock icon) which opens the associated file to toggle in-betweeen the h and m files.

I use expose and keep safari in another panel.

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You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the Switch to Header/Source File menu item switch between .h and .m files quickly. Also, don't forget the built-in Mac OS X shortcut ⌘-` to switch between open windows in an app. –  Rob Keniger Jan 29 '10 at 4:02
Whoa, I spent like 2 years looking for a damn button to switch between windows. If I could, I would give you 100 points or something like that! –  speeder Mar 17 '11 at 16:10

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