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well i wanted to Add live Tiles to my Metro Style Application it works and everything is going great but the problem is when I close the Application the Live tiles stop working. I'm using a BackgroundWorker, but how can I make it so the Live Tiles work without having to launch the app or restart it (like in Windows Store Live Tiles)?

Method I used to Update Live Tiles:

    public static void SendTileImageText()
      if (!Updated)
         var tileContent = TileContentFactory.CreateTileWide310x150Text01();
         tileContent.TextHeading.Text = "Web Searcher";
         tileContent.TextBody2.Text = "Use Your Favourite Search Engine With";
         tileContent.TextBody3.Text = "A Single Click.";
         tileContent.RequireSquare150x150Content = false;
         var tileNotification = tileContent.CreateNotification();
         Updated = true;
          Updated = false;

Method of Updating Live Tile Every 3 Secounds

public void StartWorking()
  Updater.SendBadge(GlyphValue.Playing); //Sending Badge First
  DispatcherTimer Timer = new DispatcherTimer();
  Timer.Interval = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 3);
  Timer.Tick += Timer_Tick;

private void Timer_Tick(object sender, object e)
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