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I can run my app on a physical 64-bit device it runs fine. Also I can install other test apps to the 64-bit sim. However when I try to run and build my app on the sim it acts like it is about to start by zooming in on the icon but then it freezes with the icon zoomed in then crashes but Xcode's debugger doesn't show anything. Any ideas?

EDIT: Works fine on non-64 bit sims. I have reset all iOS sims. (/Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator). I have cleaned my project and build folder.

EDIT 2: When I start a new blank single view app it doesn't work either. So I think it's my Xcode install. The 'other' app that works in the 64-bit sim doesn't build a 64-bit binary.

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Does it work fine on none 64 bit simulator? – Eric Feb 4 '14 at 19:35
Have you deleted the app in the sim? have you cleaned the project? have you cleaned your build folder? – BooRanger Feb 4 '14 at 19:36
@BooRanger I cleaned the sim folder, project, and build folder. Also I have recently reset my derived data. – Steve Moser Feb 4 '14 at 19:41
@Eric Yes, other sims work fine. – Steve Moser Feb 4 '14 at 19:42
Did you try iOS Simulator > Reset content and settings? – JuJoDi Feb 4 '14 at 19:42
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Reinstalling Xcode fixed the issue.

I wonder if I helped start this issue by side loading the iOS 6 SDK along side the iOS 7 SDK so that I could submit an iOS 6 app to the App Store with Xcode 5.

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Thanks for posting the results. You can accept your own answer in a couple of days (and this is standard operating procedure). Might help others! – matt Feb 5 '14 at 3:03
@matt Thanks, will do. I'll also note that when this issue had occurred I had already removed the iOS 6 SDK I had previously side loaded so maybe there was an issue with adding and removing the iOS 6 SDK. – Steve Moser Feb 5 '14 at 3:10

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