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I'm building a Google Apps Chrome App (not extension but app) with gmail, calendar, etc.

I would like to run extensions from regular chrome in my app. For example, rapportive is a fantastic extension for gmail. But it seems that extensions do not run on pages hosted in a webview.

Does anyone have an idea of how enable extensions in chrome apps?

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Extensions in Chrome Apps aren't available by design. A webview is meant to facilitate displaying web-based content that you control, in which case you'd have the ability to alter that content at the server, rather than relying on an extension to do so.

Incidentally, you should take note of the applicable terms of service, which won't let you publish the app you've described in the Chrome Web Store: "Do not post an app where the primary functionality is to link to a website not owned by the developer."

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Hi, thanks for the response. I believe webview is meant for more than just your content. Google's example talks about an RSS reader where you show a read pane for the content of a blog post. I believe that extensions would still be useful here. As for my app, it's not linking to other sites (hosted app), it is basically window management around Google Apps. –  Michael Kennedy Feb 5 at 18:38
The difference is the term "primary." That would exclude your case (designed for specific sites you don't control) but allow the RSS reader case (designed for content in general). It's a subtle distinction, but the idea is to separate wrapper apps from apps that provide significant value on their own. I don't want you to put your time into an app that the Store will decline to list, so I hope you understand where that TOS is coming from. –  sowbug Feb 6 at 15:44
Ok, thank you sowbug. –  Michael Kennedy Feb 7 at 16:01

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