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Hello I'm trying to add comments to a post without refreshing the page using cakephp 2.4.5 cannot get it to work.

I have downloaded the prototype file into the js folder

I have placed this code into the default page header

    <?php echo $this->Html->script('prototype');?>

I have placed this code into the postsController (the helper)

public $helpers = array('Js' => array('Prototype'));

I have placed this code into the posts/view

                    <div id="comments">

                   <?php foreach($comments as $comment): ?>  

                   <div class="comment"> 

                   <p><b><?php echo $comment['Comment']['username'];?></b></p>

                   <p><?php echo $comment['Comment']['content'];?></p>  

                    <?php endforeach;?>


                <div id="choose_options"></div>

             <?php echo $this->form->create('Comment',array('action'=>'add','onSubmit'=>'return false;'));?>
             <?php echo $this->Html->script('prototype');?>

             <?php echo $this->form->input('Comment.name');?> 

             <?php echo $this->form->input('Comment.content');?> 

     <?php echo $this->form->input('Comment.post_id',array('type'=>'hidden','value'=>$post['Post']['id']));?> 

   <?php echo $this->Js->submit('Add Comment',array('url'=>'/comments/add','update'=> '#comments'));?>

             <?php echo $this->Js->writeBuffer(); ?>


nothing happens. what am I missing or something?

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You should post your CommentsController::add() code also. –  noslone Feb 5 '14 at 9:22

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