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I see that SpriteKit expects its texture atlases to be within the application bundle. However I am downloading game assets over the internet. Is there a way to load the asset bundle from memory or through another method that allows this?

I already create SKTexture instances from assets downloaded over the internet, but I would love to get the performance boost from using atlases.

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Unfortunately, no. You can roll your own spritesheets but you can't use the built in functionality for an atlas that isn't in the bundle.
I solved this problem by downloading all of my non-atlas assets after install but shipping with all of the atlases to keep the IPA under 100MB.

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Thanks. I found out that I can create atlases with a package like Texture Packer and then load an SKTexture for the atlas itself, and then while parsing the atlas info, create SKTextures for each entry using the textureWithRect:rect inTexture:textureAtlas method. Just got this working this evening and success. Have support from trimmed textures within the atlas, but not yet for rotated ones. –  mmopy Feb 5 '14 at 23:45

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