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This may be a dumb question. But I just received permissions to read/write to this DB. I see the tables of the DB, except for one. I can select from it, But I cannot see it in the Object Explorer. I restarted my computer, refreshed the object explorer and everything. Is there a restriction on viewing this table?

I"m so sorry I had to check the connection of the query. I was looking at two different versions of the same DATABASE. gosh. Should I take this question down?

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The query

SELECT type, type_desc FROM sys.objects WHERE name = 'my_table_name'

should tell you what type of object your table really is.

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thanks i used that and realized that the table didn't exist in the database I was looking at.. someone should have told me the difference between test and production... –  Marlon Jan 28 '10 at 20:42

Could it be a synonym, or a view? Check under the synonyms node and the views node. Also check the schema... if you are just saying SELECT * FROM table, try with SELECT * FROM dbo.table. It may be under a different schema.

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When all else fails, right click on Tables and click Refresh.

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