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I've been messing around with getaddrinfo and getnameinfo but the closest I got to useful output was "localhost.localdomain". I'm not sure what to pass in for the "node" or "service" args of getaddrinfo, although I think it's the function I want.

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You cannot, with any kind of reliability, convert "localhost" into a fully qualified domain. There might, for example, be several fully qualified domains which use the same IP address, or there might be none. If, in your specific case, you know there is a unique fully qualified domain, then just specify it in your app via a config file. In your case, it appears localhost.localdomain IS the fully qualified domain, as configured in /etc/hosts – meagar Jan 28 '10 at 17:14
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Actually, Zxaos's answer here is pretty much the answer I was looking for (even though it's for C and mine was for C++, it works in both):

So I guess my question was a duplicate...

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