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Here is a typical optimization formulation with MSF:

using Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services;

SolverContext context = SolverContext.GetContext();
Model model = context.CreateModel();

Decision xs = new Decision(Domain.Real, "Number_of_small_chess_boards");
Decision xl = new Decision(Domain.Real, "Number_of_large_chess_boards");

model.AddDecisions(xs, xl);

model.AddConstraints("limits", 0 <= xs, 0 <= xl);
model.AddConstraint("BoxWood", 1 * xs + 3 * xl <= 200);
model.AddConstraint("Lathe", 3 * xs + 2 * xl <= 160);

model.AddGoal("Profit", GoalKind.Maximize, 5 * xs + 20 * xl);

// This doesn't work!
// model.AddGoal("Profit", GoalKind.Maximize, objfunc(xs, xl));

Solution sol = context.Solve(new SimplexDirective());
Report report = sol.GetReport();

Is it possible to use a separate method instead of a statement like "5 * xs + 20 * xl" as goal function? For example, a method like the following? How?

// this method doesn't work!
static double objfunc(Decision x, Decision y)
    return 5 * x.ToDouble() + 20 * y.ToDouble();
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Seems like objfunc should return a Term -- or maybe you just need to add the cast explicitly –  Gus Feb 4 at 22:36

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It is as simple as that:

 static Term objfunc(Decision x, Decision y)
            return 5 * x + 20 * y;

Rather than returning a double, the function has to return a Term.

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How can I use decision variables in a separate method if they are defined as a set of values like: Set setMonths = new Set(Domain.IntegerRange(1,12) , "Months"); Decision dPrice = new Decision(Domain.RealNonnegative, "Price", setMonths); I can now pass dPrice as a Decision to a method, but how can I read the individual values (like dPrice[month])? I couldn't yet find a way. Thanks –  selmar Feb 6 at 18:40
Indexed Decision variables are explained here: nathanbrixius.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/… –  Axel Kemper Feb 6 at 19:32
How can I get indexed values before executing solve()? dPrice.GetDouble(i) produces an error if I call it before solve(). –  selmar Feb 6 at 21:31

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