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I'm am trying to do a FTP of a small file < 200K in a delayed job. The job doesn't throw any error it just hangs. It creates a zero byte file on the server and the net activity dies. For whatever reason, the delayed job eats STDOUT so debug_mode doesn't help. Oddly enough if I type the code in the console line by line, it works, the file is uploaded fine. I have no clue why it would work in the console and not the job. Any idea on how I can even debug this more?

2.0.0-p353 :024 > Net::FTP.open('ftp.server.com') do |ftp|
2.0.0-p353 :025 >     ftp.debug_mode = true
2.0.0-p353 :026?>   ftp.passive = true
2.0.0-p353 :027?>   ftp.binary = true
2.0.0-p353 :028?>   ftp.login('login', 'password')
2.0.0-p353 :029?>   files = ftp.chdir('1631')
2.0.0-p353 :030?>   ftp.putbinaryfile('/Users/ftp/VirtualUsers/pictures/client/1631/1391550929297_YWI0OTA0YmItNzNjMy00ND.jpg','1391550929297_YWI0OTA0YmItNzNjMy00ND.jpg')
2.0.0-p353 :031?>   ftp.close
2.0.0-p353 :032?>   end
put: USER login
get: 331 Password required for login.
put: PASS ********
get: 230 User login logged in.
put: TYPE I
get: 200 Type set to I.
put: CWD 1631
get: 250 CWD command successful.
put: PASV
get: 227 Entering Passive Mode (204,193,141,41,16,113)
put: STOR 1391550929297_YWI0OTA0YmItNzNjMy00ND.jpg
get: 125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
get: 226 Transfer complete.

That's the console trace. There's nothing really to show in the log or the delayed_job logs because they look normal, just the file never uploads and the job never returns. Thanks for any guidance.

Edit: if I add Delayed::Worker.delay_jobs = false, the code runs and the file uploads so its something with delayed_job.

Edit 2: Well the file will upload but the process still hangs and never completes the rest of the code, the file uploads but the process just hangs later

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Could you try editing your job to not call ftp.close? I'm not sure if it'll make a difference but since you're calling FTP.open and passing it a block then the call to ftp.close is not needed (it'll automatically close it once the block is terminated. –  Xaid Feb 15 at 0:23
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