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I have an auto-open sub that fires up a bunch of other subs upon opening the given file. It works fine except when someone with a french MS Office opens it. an error appears saying it couldnt find "auto-ouvrir", the french translation. If i change open to ouvrir in the code it works in french but not english. How can I have a code run upon opening the file REGARDLESS of the office language.

Thank you

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Can you not simply have both Auto-Open and Auto-Ouvrir and call a third sub that contains the code you need from within those? –  CuberChase Feb 4 at 23:02
@CuberChase I think the OP is referring to the Workbook_Open event. If that's the case, the third macro would have to be executed manually, which defeats the purpose of a Workbook_Open event. –  ARich Feb 5 at 0:14
@ARich you can also use Auto_Open in a normal module to fire when a workbook opens. So if they have a third procedure called from both Auto_Open and Auto_ouvrir it'll fire regardless. Perhaps the OP should try using Workbook_Open I don't think that's language dependent. –  CuberChase Feb 5 at 0:30
Please show the exact code which has the problem. It's not really clear from your question whether you're using Workbook_Open or Auto_Open to run your code. –  Tim Williams Feb 5 at 0:37
I am using Sub Auto_Open () –  user2385809 Feb 5 at 15:30

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use Workbook_Open in this workbook not the module

sub wokrbook_Open

Call macroname


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