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I'm using jQuery Chosen to turn a <select> item into an <li> item that can be styled with CSS.

The issue I'm running into is 2 of the 3 select items I'm trying to turn into lists are turning into lists, the problem is their <option>s aren't being shown under each respective list. One of the select items is showing its options, and that's the "Show _ entries" drop-down in the top left of the table. I should mention the 2 items that aren't showing the options are using the "YADCF" plugin that I linked to below.

Any idea why 2 of the 3 lists aren't showing the options? The two select items not showing their options are above the "Office" and "Expeditor" columns.

The two other jQuery plugins I'm using are DataTables and YADCF.


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It would be better if you put your code here. Off-site links are generally untrusted. Another option would be to recreate your issue at a site like jsfiddle.com and give us a link to it, as it is better trusted here. –  crush Feb 4 at 22:47
The fiddle I created couldn't replicate the issue, but I'll post the js I have. –  eclipsis Feb 4 at 22:48
Can't say what the problem is, but I use dropkick to achieve something similar, so that might be an option if you get stuck. –  acarlon Feb 4 at 22:48
I love I can actually create new items in the to do list :-) –  davidkonrad Feb 5 at 10:58
@davidkonrad lol don't add anything too obscene :) –  eclipsis Feb 5 at 16:33

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Integration with chosen was added in 0.6.0 version of yadcf

Just add select_type: 'chosen' to the yadcf constructor , here is the showcase page:

DOM source with chosen example

p.s I am the author of yadcf

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