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I have written a program that matches lines between two files using custom matching logic that takes key fields into account. I can update the program to output text in any format required. I'd like to present automated test results to a user in a nice readable format. What's the easiest way that I can view the results in a GUI application, ie. with side-by-side views and highlighting (for lost & added lines, and changed segments of lines).

I'm OK with a Linux or Windows solution (however Windows is preferred).

My current thinking is that there seems to be a standard way of formatting patch/context/unified diff results, which many GUI diff applications are capable of saving to a file, so there must be one out there that is capable of LOADING such a file. I could then simply update my program to output text in the unified diff format with full context, and then import this into an app. Does anyone know of any diff GUI apps that can import

I'm considering going down the diff2html, route, however I'd prefer something a little more feature rich and dynamic than a static HTML page.

I would however also be willing to consider in-line colourised ANSI display, like that produced by git diff --color-words. I found another thread about coloured diff to html, however nothing about unified diff to in-line coloured diff. I'd rather not do the colouring myself if it's already out there, but TBH I haven't looked into how easy or complex that might be.

colordiff is mentioned in a few posts; colordiff < diff_result.txt almost does this, providing coloured side-by-side, context or unified display, but not in-line like git diff, and doesn't offer character-based highlighting.

vim 1.txt +'vert diffpa diff.patch' or vimdiff 1.txt 2.txt is more along the lines of what I'm after than colordiff, however it can only do a single highlight per line, and requires more than just that patch file as input. This was found over at use vimdiff with a diff file

TortoiseUDiff is capable of opening a unified diff, however it just does the same thing as colordiff.

I had a quick look at meld, diffuse, Beyond Compare (I have a license), kdiff3, and WinMerge, to no avail.

kompare is apparently capable of this according to an answer here, however I'm having trouble getting it installed. Can anyone confirm this functionality?

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Is it possible to output vimdiff's view to html using vim's TOhtml feature? –  errant.info Feb 5 at 0:43

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