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So what I am trying to do is save the contents from a listBox to the application Properties.Settings.Default I have no idea where to start, nor do I know if it is even possible. Thanks in advance.

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any settings you have setup in Properties-> settings tab should show up like

[your namespace].Properties.Settings.Default.yoursetting = "change";

after you edit your properties always call

[your namespace].Properties.Settings.Default.Save();

the save part got me at first.

for list types use :

list setting

it will help if your objects can be converted to and from strings anything more not really sure for anything more complex but I hope this gets you started.

foreach(string s in listbox.Items){[settingscode].add(s);}

something like that anyways.

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How would I go about saving the contents of a listBox to Properties.Settings.Default.... –  Zac Voicheq Feb 5 at 0:40
[your namespace].Properties.Settings.Default.yoursetting.Add(); BTW –  RadioSpace Feb 5 at 0:52
I'm not quite sure how to convert a listBox to a string. The method I am trying is not working. –  Zac Voicheq Feb 5 at 1:10
what is your method? [settings code] = code from my comment. and if you could edit your question with a few lines of as to what you are trying would help –  RadioSpace Feb 5 at 1:34
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