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I'm currently struggling with the maven site plugin. I have a corporporate/ super pom (packaging type pom) which defines all dependency version and also configures the site plugin. In addition I placed some image resources under /src/site/resources/images which are referenced in a custom site.xml (for example ./images/logo.jpg).

Another module references this parent pom and when I call mvn site it seems that the site.xml is getting picked up. But unfortunately the links to the images do not work. When I had a look in the target/site folder the images were missing. I also tried to create an additional 'corporate' resource module where I put the site resources (also under /src/site/resources), and reference this module as a dependency in the maven-site-plugin like this:


But this does not seem to work either. It worked for other reporting modules like pmd with special configurations which were placed under /src/main/resources though...the site resources does not seemed to be picked up and published to the repository.

So the question is: How is it possible to attach images and stylesheets to a maven super pom? I'm using Maven 3 btw...

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