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I am using Rails 4.0.2 and Devise 3.2.2 to handle user registration / authentication. I have enabled :confirmable

How do I access/call devise protected methods inside my app? I'm trying to use the protected confirmation_period_expired? method from


But I got an NoMethodError: protected method confirmation_period_expired? error.

Thanks for the help.

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Normally not a good idea, but if you absolutely have to:


will do it.

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why isn't it a good idea? Thanks –  Jim Feb 5 at 2:06
It is considered an unsafe practice. You are deliberately bypassing security measures set in place by another programmer. Just figured I would tack on a warning if I'm giving advise on how to do something like that. :) –  willmanduffy Feb 5 at 2:09
Haha, ok. Thanks –  Jim Feb 5 at 2:23
hi willmanduffy, does this work with rails only? cos I'm trying to access the protected method in lib/tasks and when I run the task, it says undefined method 'confirmation_period_expired?' for #<ActiveRecord::Relation::ActiveRecord_Relation_User:0x000001049b1ce8> –  Jim Feb 5 at 3:57
You're trying to call a user method on an ActiveRecord relation, not the user object. Try: relation.first.send(:method_name) –  willmanduffy Feb 5 at 4:23

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