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Before run 'lvremove' to remove a logical volume, what's the best way to wipe out the data on the logical volume. I run dd:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/group/volume5 bs=1M

But later I get a problem create a new lv.

/dev/group/volume6: not found: device not cleared
@4000000052f05a4f074c81e4   Aborting. Failed to wipe start of new LV.

I find 'shred' but it only works with files.

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For the filesystem and therefore also for shred the logical volume is just a "file" on the filesystem.

I can just fine use first shred /dev/vg/lv to overwrite everything in that logical volume and then lvremove /dev/vg/lv to remove the logical volume itself.

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