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I am currently running eclim 2.3.2, eclipse 4.3.1, VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Oct 26 2012 16:45:54), and Apache Ant(TM) version 1.8.2 compiled on May 18 2012 on an Ubuntu 12.10 workstation. In fact, I have been used this configuration and older versions of all of the aforementioned programs since mid-2013 without any problems.

However, I recently ran into a very confusing situation when developing a new Eclipse project in Eclim and Vim.

Here is the basic idea. As I mention at the bottom of this post, I can give output and examples if that will help to diagnose this problem.

Suppose that I have built a Java program with an Ant build.xml file and the build works correctly. Now, further assume that when I am editing Java source code in Vim I purposefully introduce a syntax error into a Java program (i.e., I remove a semi-colon from the end of the line) and then save the program again.

When I perform this operation, I notice that the timestamps of the previously generated .class file are now the same as the .java file only when I am running eclimd. Yet, if eclimd is not running then the timestamp of the .java file will be more recent than the timestamp of the .class file.

In a recent project, I have found that running :Ant compile will not catch the fact that the .java program has a syntax error because of the fact that the timestamps are the same. I have run ant with the -verbose flag and this output confirms the fact that Ant is skipping the .java file because of the fact that it is up to date.

Of course, if I am not running eclimd, then the timestamps are different and then ant will run my compile target and the syntax error will be correctly displayed in the Vim window. I can also view this error in Vim's Quickfix List.

Has anyone else ever experienced this behavior? If eclimd is indeed modifying the .class file and giving it the same timestamp as the .java file, then how will Ant be able to compile the system correctly?

To further confuse matters (at least for me!), I followed this scenario exactly for a previous project on which I was also using Vim, Eclipse, Eclim, and Ant. When running eclimd I noticed the same behavior as for the previous project -- that is, the timestamps of the .class file and the .java file are the also exactly the same.

However, strangely enough, Ant determines that the .java file needs to be recompiled, as confirmed by the verbose output. In this case the Ant build will fail, the syntax error is displayed, and the Quickfix List is populated with the expected error. Yet, it seems to me that in both cases Ant should refuse to compile the files.

For both of these projects, the build.xml file has exactly the same compile target. Also, both projects have .project and .classpath files that are exactly the same except for the fact that the name of the project is different.

Moreover, I have tried to use the :ProjectBuild command and it simply seems to neither produce any output nor perform a task; this has always been the case for me and thus motivated me to use build.xml files like I had in the past. I have not tried to use the :Java feature of Eclim because of the fact that these programs have complex command-line arguments that I would rather input in my zsh shell than in Eclipse.

In order to try to resolve this problem I have searched the eclim-users Google Group and read all of the relevant posts about these tools on StackOverflow and other sites. I regret that I cannot find any hints that can give me a better understanding of how Eclim and Ant are supposed to work together in a reliable fashion.

I can easily provide detailed output examples for the scenario that I described. However, before adding all of the information I thought that it would be advisable to sketch the basic idea since it is likely that someone will be able to see my fundamental misunderstanding of how these programs work.

Can anyone explain this situation? Can you tell me how you use Ant and Eclim together? What are the timestamps of the .class and .java files when you edit a .java file in Vim when you do and do not run eclimd?

I would appreciate any help that you can provide. I have investigated various configurations and facets of this problem for four days and I have not yet found any leads to resolving this issue. Thanks in advance!

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