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I'm trying to build gcc-4.9 for msp430. I've already built the most recent version of binutils and have tried building gcc-4.9 with the basic configuration:

configure --target=msp430-elf --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-newlib=yes

The problem though is that gcc builds itself for my machine x86-unknown-linux then I think it started building the msp430 target with the new compiler but I already have gcc-4.8 installed and just want the msp430-elf target with the already installed 4.8.

NOTE: msp430 target is only avaible in 4.9 and I JUST want to build 4.9 for msp430 not for my host machine as I already have it installed.

First of all the build failed, second, even if it did succeed I don't want to install for x86 and I am afraid make install will do this.

The docs for configure are pretty vague and I would really appreciate some help.

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