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EDIT: Simply put, during an animation chain, how can you check the value of a variable that may have changed since the animation chain began?

I've seen some other posts that are similar but my question has a unique characteristic. I am making an action game that involves a ninja jumping and punching which I am animating via an absolute positioned sprite. So my jump animation looks something like this:

$('.d-pad-container div').click(function() {
    if ( $(this).hasClass('d-pad-top-center') ) {  // if "up" is pressed...
        posture = 2;   // this means he's airborne
        $('.ninja').animate({'left' : 500}, 0)  // he jumps up...
            .animate({'left' : 1000}, 0)  // higher...
            .animate({'left' : ( jumpPunch ? 2000 : 1500 )}, 0) // check to see if the variable jumpPunch is true to decide which sprite to use...
            .animate({'left' : 1000}, 0)  // coming down now...
            .animate({'left' : 500}, 0)  // lower...
            .animate({'left' : 0}, 0,  // now he's back on the ground
            function() {posture = 1;}  // since he's not airborne anymore, posture variable is reset to 1.


And here is the code for the "punch" button (the third "if" is the relevant one):

$('.a').click(function() {
    if ( posture == 0 ) {
        $('.ninja').animate({'left' : 4000}, 0)
        .animate({'left' : 4500}, 0);
    } else if ( posture == 1 ) {
        $('.ninja').animate({'left' : 5000}, 0)
        .animate({'left' : 5500}, 0);
    } else if ( posture == 2 ) {
        jumpPunch = true;

So I want the user to be able to press up on the keyboard and then if they decide to press "punch" right after (at least before he reaches the height of his jump) he will punch in the air by positioning the "Jump Punch" sprite. The with the code as it is, the ninja will not punch at first, but the next time you jump he will punch no matter what and every time thereafter. What I think is happening is the "jump animation" is not aware of a change in the value of the jumpPunch variable as its animating. Only after it finishes does it check the value of jumpPunch again so the subsequent jumps he punches. Any ideas?

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