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How can ask Mercurial to warn me before I add files which would otherwise be ignored?

For example, something like:

$ hg add foo.o
warning: adding ignored file foo.o

There seems to have been a patch submitted to the mailing list: http://www.selenic.com/pipermail/mercurial-devel/2008-February/004993.html

But I can't find any further references to it.

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It's sort of a hacky workaround and only half what you want, but you could replace

$ hg add foo.o


$ hg add -I foo.o

That says "add everything but only if it's not ignored and it matches the pattern after -I".

An example:

$ ls -A
.hg  .hgignore  this
$ cat .hgignore 
$ hg stat --all
? .hgignore
I this
$ hg add -I this
$ hg stat --all
? .hgignore
I this

So you can see that "this" wasn't added and is still in ignored state. Of course, that's not a warning, it's a refusal.

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Dunno about the OP, but I liked this. It works pretty well when you want to do hg add foobar* and it adds foobar.py, foobar_test.py and the otherwise-ignored foobar.pyc (for example). With this trick it does the expected and ignores the pyc file. –  richq Jan 29 '10 at 18:32
This is nice. Would be nice if it'd work well from thg too. –  Macke Feb 27 '13 at 9:43

Use hg addremove. It will not add ignored files.
Extract from addremove documentation

New files are ignored if they match any of the patterns in .hgignore. As with add, these changes take effect at the next commit.

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This won't help much on add, but you could catch it during commit by using a pretxncommit hook.

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