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I'm using the Stripping Level to optimize the mobile app size. But when I turn ON the Stripping Level (Strip Assemblies / Strip Bytecode / Use micro mscorelib), I got nothing to show the terrain in my Android app.

I checked the official documentation but there's no explanation about the Stripping Level that affect the terrain show.

Any idea please?

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Generally using the Unity terrain on mobile is a big no no, since it uses a lot of resources. they have done some modifications since last i checked when it wasn't supported at all. Personally i would export the terrain to multiple 3D objects so occlusion culling will help with the performance. which in turn will be supported by all devices/platforms.

Rendering terrain is quite expensive, so terrain engine is not very practical on lower-end mobile devices.

according to: ( at the end )

i guess the develops figured when stripping to mobile you want it lightweight and fast which mobile terrain is not. they might change it, but a good practice would be to not use the terrain engine on mobile.

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Thanks very much! So should I post a mail to the Official Unity? – Mrkelly Feb 11 '14 at 12:51
you could, but they are aware of it, since its a highly talking about subject on their forums, which their employees monitor daily. – Theodor Solbjørg Feb 11 '14 at 12:57

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