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I have created a PDF from HTML. I followed this question and the answer here to create PDF. HTML to PDF conversion on iOS?

My problem is a blank page gets inserted if I give a page break after the html table. The page break works properly as expected in other cases. The html table is dynamic, hence I cannot do without a page break here.

Is it possible to check if a page is blank while printing? I mean in the printToPDF() method in the answer above.

Also, the table rows break sometimes cutting a row in half, making it unreadable. It splits the row into two pages, making it look unprofessional.

Any ideas would help to deal with this would be of great help.


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The only workaround I found was to split the PDF into 2.Till the html table end it is the first PDF, and after that the second. Then merged the two and got a final PDF without any blank pages

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