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I'm currently using Selenium IDE to fill a form. The form has a select box for countries:

<select id="id_country">

<select id="id_province"></select>

The province options above is not generated until a country with provinces is selected. jQuery takes care of that generation:

options = '<options>Alberta</options><options>Ontario</option>';

My Selenium IDE workflow looks like the following:

Command       Target           Value
select        id_country       label=Canada
select        id_province      label=Ontario

After Canada is selected, Alberta shows up as the default province but Ontario is not selected and I get the following error in my log:

[error] Option with label 'Ontario' not found

Does anyone know which Selenium IDE command I should specify to properly select a generated HTML from Javascript?

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You probably need to pause while the thing loads, using a waitFor assertion, e.g.

Command                 Target                Value
waitForSelectOptions    id_province           glob:*Ontario*
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Thanks for the solution, I've been trying other commands to no avail, yours works perfectly. – Thierry Lam Jan 28 '10 at 19:30

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