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I want to implement a CMS and I would like to make some settings available to views.

These settings may be the web site's name, the company name and maybe some more complex items.

I would like these to be available on every view without using strongly typed Models, something like ViewData-ViewBag but without having to set it in every action.

I think that I have to create a ControllerFactory that will set the ViewBag on every CreateController.

What do you think that it's the best solution for this problem?

Possible duplication at Execute Code on Every Request

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Why dont you use partial views for this purpose. Thereby in just one page you can configure all your view information. –  ckv Feb 5 at 8:27
Do you mean to hardcode the settings? I would like the user to be able to change the settings himself using an admin page. –  Menelaos Vergis Feb 5 at 8:30
I think he talks about using a view inside a view. So u can display every common information on the inline view –  M C Feb 5 at 8:33
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Create your own application controller and override OnActionExecuting. There you can initialize your own properties in Viewbag:

public abstract class ApplicationController : Controller
    protected override void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
        // set your ViewBag.Settings here

Create all of your controller classes derived from ApplicationController:

public class HomeController : ApplicationController { ... }

Now you can access ViewBag.Settings from all of your views without setting this property explicitly in each action.

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This is a solution but then I would have to derive all Controllers from the ApplicationController and this is an extra step that I would wanted to skip. –  Menelaos Vergis Feb 5 at 8:39
Why? What's wrong about it? –  Roman Pushkin Feb 5 at 8:41
No it's not wrong, but I would expect something that doesn't need maintenance (changing every new controller's base class to something). I think ControllerActionInvoker is better choice, you create it once and it collaborate with Controller class –  Menelaos Vergis Feb 5 at 8:53
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