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that works great

replace("\x02\x03\x04", "\x05\x06\x07")

but that do not work

pcre_regex(DATA.data, "\x02\x03\x04", "\x05\x06\x07")

cause the \x is not interpreted in the replace string

i have tried to do

if ( search(DATA.data, "\x02\x03\x04") )
  log(DATA.data, "./D")
  exec("/bin/sed 's/\x02\x03\x04/\x05\x06\x07/g' ./D > ./E")

but the exec seems to launch command in background so inject() happen before ./E is wrote

=> which way are we intended to use pcre_regex with binary strings ?

=> is there another way to use etterfilter ?

=> is there another tool that do the job (binary replacement WITH regex) ?

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Can you please try with this online tool? https://www.debuggex.com/

this will help you in finding out if the bug is in ettercap or in pcre or in your regex :)

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thanks great webtool but do not work to test binary strings –  fgh Feb 5 at 9:38

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